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Strategic transformation

Our process always starts with a complete understanding of the customer. By conducting multilevel research, we help companies identify new financial opportunities and shape new ventures, products, and services. We also identify the critical off-focus areas and prioritise design work based on quantitative data.



Setting clear goals is the key to framing our research approach properly. Hence, we start with a workshop to define and shape the purpose of your strategic transformation.

New opportunities

Applying customer experience and service designs to tap into customers' unmet needs and find new business opportunities.


We visualise strategies using inspiring themes to provide a foundation for further development of products and services.

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Added values

Stakeholders' alignment regarding vision and priorities. 

Fewer discussions, thanks to a clear picture of tasks and schedules.

Holistic tasks focus. 

Answers for internal questions and assumptions. 

Clarity and confidence for future design work. 

Discovery of new business growth opportunities. 

Consider strategic transformation if: 

- You have too many conflicting opinions among stakeholders. 

- You have low confidence in your decisions. 

- You’re struggling to shape new services and products.

- You’re too busy with daily tasks to see the big picture. 

- You have too many design initiatives and struggle to prioritise. 

- You want to transform your business or look for new business growth opportunities. 

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