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Customer experience design

Customer experience design will give you a birds-eye view of the user journey at each physical or digital touchpoint. Improving said experience will put you ahead of the competition and drive long-term customer loyalty.



Defining your target customers and your selling point helps us understand your business case and tailor our research. 


We conduct multi-level research analysis to understand your customers' behaviour as well as user interviews to comprehend their thoughts and feelings. On top of that, we perform expert audits on the main customer journey.


As we uncover pain points and insights, we systematically group them and visually present them in a single customer journey map. We also provide recommendations about the lowest and highest points of customer experience.

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Added value 

Increased targeted metrics and long-term customer loyalty.

A better understanding of customer needs and perceptions. 

Discovery of revenue-increasing opportunities.

Identified touchpoints with financial options. 

Improved and consistent customer experience.

Better brand awareness across multiple touchpoints.

Consider customer experience design if:

- You're getting bad customer reviews.
- You're struggling to create a consistent customer experience across departments. 
- You are not reaching your expected revenue.
- You lack data and knowledge about your customers.
- You're planning new business endeavours. 

Interview with customers


Customer journey map
Data analytics report
UX audits report
Customer personas
Pains and strenghts list
Design solution reccomendations

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