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Meeting MO's team

We visited MO's representatives at the museum, where we had the pleasure of meeting employees and experiencing the art exhibition ourselves. During the visit, we learned what the museum offers: Art exhibitions, Cinema, Educational events, concerts and more. But we also learned about the struggle of supporting those multiple services and aligning them into an effortless experience.

Audit MO museum ecosystem

Mo museum

Our services

Customer experience design

Improving individual products and establishing a coherent customer experience.

Service design

Analysing and combining internal tools and services to achieve a smoother system.

Strategic Transformation

Implementing plans for better fulfilment of customers' needs.


To tackle Mo's challenges, we've worked in 3 stages. First, we tested the customer experience design to provide in-depth insight into the customers and MO's products. Then we conducted service design to uncover internal pain points. And finally, we executed the strategic transformation stage by combining the results of the first two stages into a coherent roadmap.

Empathising with MO's visitors

Our Journey to understand MO's customers started with observations. 3 of our designers went undercover and visited the exhibition as regular visitors. During the visit, they documented their experience and watched how other visitors naturally behaved in the MO environment

From those observations, we learned that people are very relaxed in the museum environment. However, some important signs are easily missed on the first visit to the museum.

Next in our user research stage was recruiting actual visitors during their visit to MO and gathering their most recent impressions. After 12 interviews, we were able to validate some of our previous observations and discover new ideas of how to improve each of the target personas' experiences.


The improvement idea that showed the most potential was to create an interactive experience for families with children. 

To find ideas, find problems.
To find problems, talk to people.

Simon Ponsford

Detailed inspection of MO ecosystem

To find out what the interviews could have missed, 3 of our experts audited the experience by testing 5 user scenarios in the e-shop, landing page, and e-guide websites that combined had 48 separate steps. In total, we uncovered 110 issues, but only 4% of them were critical.

Most of the issues were a part of the e-guide experience. So, we prepared detailed suggestions for solving the most critical navigation problems and generated ideas for making the e-guide more exciting and inclusive for families.

New opportunities

Our data analyst found that the MOdernists loyalty program has a low membership rate (0.28%) despite generating almost 5% of the revenue. This is a solid indication of the need to relocate some resources to grow the MOdernists community.

Currently, it lacks visibility and clear communication on the landing page as well as in the museum itself. Growing this program could create benefits for customers and improve revenue for MO.

30 pain points were revealed during our service design research stage.

Inspecting MO's internal process

Our service designer conducted 8 interviews with key marketing, IT and management stakeholders. Those interviews revealed 30 pain points in their daily routines and one central theme - the internal project management process.

Through extensive discussions, we created a service blueprint and listed related tasks. Following those new process recommendations in the future will help MO museum enable a more vital PO role and establish realistic evaluation for new ventures. Our research suggests that a strong PO role will drive fewer projects but provide better support for each project to reach its full business potential. In addition, it will reduce employees' cognitive load by guaranteeing less project hopping. 

Research overview


Interview sessions

Facilitated by 2 groups of 4 designers who talked with over 12 visitors representing the three primary target personas: middle age women, families and teenagers.


Separate observation studies

3 designers documented their experience in 2 MO's exhibitions, "Kaunavilnis" and "Baxt"


UX audit tasks

3 experts used the P.U.R.E methodology to audit landing pages, e-ticket purchases, e-guide, MOdernist purchases and e-shop buying experiences. 


Separate research sources

A comprehensive data analysis of the following sources: "Google Analytics", ticket sales database and e-shop sales statistics.

Project highlights:

After 3 months of investigation and the inclusion of 6 designers, we've helped MO by:

Expanding stakeholders' knowledge about their customer personas, needs, pains and perceptions.

Providing insights about the highest and lowest points of the customers' experience.

Offering UX audits and interviews-based design solutions for the e-guide, terminal, landing page, and e-shop.

Identifying employees' internal day-to-day pain points and creating a project management process blueprint to manage them. 

Offering a step-by-step plan and actionable ideas to improve customers' experience and reach business goals.

Holistic view of the customer experience through different perspectives

It meant a lot to work with such high caliber experts to translate our ideas into an implementation ready design and I really appreciate your open approach.

Simon Ponsford

Chief Technical Officer

UX audits

Observation studies journey

User journey map

Design recommendations

Internal project development service blueprint

Analytics report

UX roadmap

Customer journey service blueprint


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MO Museum is a wall-less contemporary art museum aiming to reignite the interest in modern art by making it approachable to the general public. What started as a personal initiative quickly became Lithuania's most recognised art museum.

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